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Located in the heart of Central Texas, Hays County occupies about 690 square miles. Click on any category below to learn more about our diverse, native wildlife and plant community.


  • I have a shady area where I would like to plant some flowers that will bloom. Is there anything that will bloom in the shade?

    That's a great question. We would like to introduce you to a wonderful resource that we use a lot. The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center website has a search feature that lets you enter... Read more >

  • I just moved to the Texas Hill Country, and I have been told that I should clear all the cedar from my property. Is that good advice?

    Cedars are actually native to the Texas Hill Country and are the subject of many myths. They are not the water hogs that some people believe them to be. They are evergreen, provide privacy... Read more >

  • We recently moved to Hays County, and people tell me that the deer will eat almost anything I plant. Can you tell me what plants are deer proof?

    Unfortunately, we can't. If deer are hungry enough, they will eat almost anything. Some say they will eat your shoelaces if you don't keep moving! What they eat depends on density of the... Read more >

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