Reduce River Refuse

Rivers are among Hays County’s best features. Unfortunately, every time a heavy rain comes, large quantities of litter wash down our streams.  Below is a list of ways you can help to reduce the trash that flows down the rivers and gets caught on the banks. Don’t be overwhelmed- even doing just one thing on this list can make a difference!

Reducing waste isn’t only a matter of saving the environment, it is very often the case that it also saves money.  A good example is water bottles. You can get water bottles for about 23 cents at HEB.  If you drink just 2 a week then you’d be better off financially by getting a water filter for your sink as they often have a service life of over 2 years.  You can’t take your sink with you but you can always take a thermos or reusable water bottle.

  • Reuse things. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, and jars can hold things again and again. Styrofoam cup bottoms can be used to grow plants from seed. Cardboard makes a fantastic weed blocker, etc.
  • Bring your own cloth or other material bags when you go shopping. Littered plastic bags can kill horses, cows, and other animals.
  • Buy a water filter and a reusable bottle so you don’t need bottled water.
  • Buy used things when possible- thrift shops, consignment stores, and craigslist all have hidden gems (including water bottles) if you have the time to bargain hunt.
  • Buy in bulk (but not individually wrapped).
  • Make a meal at home to avoid restaurant packaging and to earn brownie points.
  • Get a safety razor: the only disposable part is the blade and they’re safe and easy to use.
  • Use cloth towels and napkins instead of the paper versions.
  • Store your food in reusable tupperware instead of in ziploc bags or saran wrap.
  • Use the food, cleaning products, cosmetics, and other consumables you have before buying more.
  • Don’t toss garbage in your truck bed. It’ll come flying out when you go fast.
  • Contact your legislators about regulating single use plastic production:

There are many ways to contribute to keeping our county beautiful and every little bit helps!

The San Marcos River without trash.
The San Marcos River without trash.

For much more information about the problem of single use plastic, see this site.

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