Ask a Texas Wildlife and Plant ExpertWe recently moved to Hays County, and people tell me that the deer will eat almost anything I plant. Can you tell me what plants are deer proof?
aaron Staff asked 5 years ago

Unfortunately, we can’t. If deer are hungry enough, they will eat almost anything. Some say they will eat your shoelaces if you don’t keep moving! What they eat depends on density of the deer population, what food is available to them, and plant palatability. Deer tend to avoid plants that have aromatic, tough, leathery, hairy, or prickly leaves, and plants with milky sap.

The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center ‘s website has a list of 47 highly deer resistant plants native to Central Texas with photos and information on each.

A few examples of plants that are frequently used in Hays County are Blackfoot Daisy, Texas Lantana, Autumn Sage, Cedar Sage, and Flame Acanthus for flowers. Native grasses make a beautiful addition to the landscape and prove to be remarkably deer resistant.

Deer present a special challenge throughout Hays County.