RIparian Recovery Network News

The Riparian Network is about creating a shared vision for restoration of riparian zones and the uplands that impact them. The intent is to balance individual needs with what is required to keep Hays County waterways clean, healthy, and beautiful.

We distribute a periodic newsletter (every 4-6 weeks) covering a wide range of topics of interest to those seeking to restore ecological function. Or those who simply want to learn more about nature and its relationship to land management practices.

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And enjoy our video on the role riparian vegetation plays in preserving the quality and quality of water in our Hill Country streams.

Riparian Recovery Network News – Past Issues

Issue #25 – Native, Non-Native, Invasive, Weed or What?

Issue #24 – Land Stewardship – what to do based on what you observed

Issue #23 – Land Stewardship – Start by reading your land

Issue #22 – Food chains – What we do can impact the ecosystem

Issue #21 – What is That Sound I Heard Last Night?

Issue #20 – Nature in “The Time of Coronavirus” and Creating Bird Habitat

Issue #19 – iNaturalist – A Great Tool For Land Management

Issue #18 – Attracting Wildlife to Your Riparian Zone – Vegetation

Issue #17 – Stormwater Management and Stream Restoration

Issue #16 – Exploring Riparian Planting Methods

Issue #15 – Attracting Butterflies to Your Riparian Zone

Issue #14 – Reassessing Your Riparian Zone

Issue# 13 – May 2019 Flooding and Its Impact

Issue #12 – On the Road to Riparian Recovery

Issue #11 – Riparian Diversity – Cypress Creek Nature Preserve

Issue #10 – “Normal” Floods = Healthy Waterways

Issue #9 – Riparian Buffers – Good for Water Quality

Issue #8 – Karst: The Role of Water in Shaping the Hill Country

Issue #7 – Understanding Native Grasses

Issue #6 – Native Vegetation and Their Water Needs

Issue #5 – Roots Matter

Issue #4 – Gravel Bars and Riparian Recovery

Issue #3 – Vegetation Key to Riparian Recover – Part 2

Issue #2 – Vegetation Key to Riparian Recover – Part 1

Issue #1 – Landscaping Ideas for Riparian Areas