Better Lights for Starry Nights

Date:  Sun, September 30, 2pm – 5pm

Location:  Wimberley Community Center, 14068 Ranch Rd 12,

Wimberley, TX 78676, USA (map)

The program will begin with the video “Losing the Dark”. Cindy Luongo Cassidy will present “Better Lights for Better Nights” describing the types of issues that plants and animals have with our artificial light, as well as other issues caused by light at night and how to solve them.

Bill Wren of McDonald Observatory will present “Saving the Night – A Perspective from McDonald Observatory” which will include specifics of the solutions to light pollution he has worked out with the Oil & Gas Industry.

Connie Baron will present “Evaluating the Light on Your Property – The “Be A Star” award to detail how to have the light you need on your property without creating light pollution and how to get the “Be a Star” award for your property.

There will also be interactive demonstration tables reflecting the concepts described in the presentations.

Registration is free but we need a head count for seating and refreshments.
Go to this link to register:

For more info contact: Cindy Luongo Cassidy.  Email:
(512) 944-7354

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