Rainwater Collection

Rainwater is quickly replacing well water for whole-house and irrigation use throughout the Hill Country. Rainwater catchment and distribution system pricing is comparable to a well and can be a more reliable and a higher-quality source than groundwater taken from an aquifer.

Rain is captured from one or more collection surfaces (typically larger surfaces, such as roofing), drained through a gutter system, filtered, and then stored in one or more tanks. Water for potable uses is processed through an additional system of filters to remove any contaminants, and disinfected to ensure water quality and safety.

The system requirements depend on intended usage (whole house, landscaping, or both), the number of people to be served and their daily requirements, the size of the collection space, and average rainfall in the area. The Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting, is an excellent source for additional information. Several local rainwater harvesting professionals are available throughout Central Texas and should be used to help plan and install the proper system based on individual situations and requirements.

As Hays County population growth continues to expand, and surface and groundwater supplies become increasingly limited, rainwater harvesting will become an ever more attractive way to ensure water for your household needs.