Trees & Bushes

Deciding to plant a tree or shrub requires careful consideration because it is a significant and long-term investment. When selecting a tree, consider many factors: soil type and depth, available moisture, mature size and shape, evergreen or deciduous, sun or shade, benefits to wildlife, seasonal color, deer resistance, firewise compliance, and disease resistance. Fortunately, there are a variety of native trees available to meet your needs. With the prevalence of oak wilt in this region, many people are now avoiding planting live oaks and other members of the red oak family. Treefolks, a Central Texas organization dedicated to trees, has valuable information available to help you make this important decision. (See Tree Selection).

When shopping for plants, go to a reputable local nursery for excellent advice and quality plants. Planting correctly is critical to the long term health and survival of your tree. See the “Planting Your Tree” section on the Treefolks website. Newly planted trees require quite a lot of special care. The single most important factor in the success of your tree is regular watering for at least two years. In most situations, protection from deer is necessary. Healthy native trees and shrubs improve the quality of life for us and for wildlife.