Firewise Concepts

Wildfires play an important role in nature. Some ecosystems, such as grasslands, rely on natural fires to regulate growth and recycle nutrients. There is an entire scientific discipline, Fire Ecology, focused on understanding the natural processes involving fire and how ecosystems respond.

Unfortunately, wildfires can also have severely negative effects. The Bastrop County fire in 2011 was the most destructive one in Texas history and recovery will take many, many more years.

Although wildfires can have natural causes, such as lightning strikes, most are caused by human activity. You can help by learning the best practices for working with fires outdoors and by safeguarding your home against the danger of wildfires by creating a defendable area around your home.

Please take a look at the resources we have collected under Links & Resources. The Firewise web page is a great starting place. If you are interested in helping in your area to prepare for fires, you could be recognized as a Firewise community!